Thursday, June 20, 2013

some interesting data.

In my Internet Research class (which I still don't like), I'm writing a research paper. I chose to write about variables that impact student scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress test for Visual Arts. I found some pretty interesting things. (All of the below graphs were designed by me using data from NAEP Data (2008). National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Home Page, a part of the U.S. Department of Education. Retrieved June 20, 2013, from )

PS all of these graphs are much more legible if you click on them for the full view.
Two things that we often assume will help our students learn better, allowing them the freedom to choose their own projects and having them write about their art, are actually detrimental to their scores when we make them do it too frequently. Moderation is the key here. Give them freedom sometimes and structure sometimes. Have them write some but not always. 

This next graph shows sort of the same thing with exhibiting artwork. 
Students who have to exhibit once or twice a month didn't do as well on the test. Maybe they didn't have time to learn because they were always having to stress about making their art "good enough" to exhibit. Students who just did it once or twice a year did much better. Both groups scored above the average score (150) but I would rather my students be in the 1-2 times a year group, wouldn't you?

This last graph is about what kind of room you teach in. This may not be up to you, but maybe you can talk to your principal about this data and see if you can make some changes. Students who are taught art in their normal classroom or just a regular art room with no equipment score below average on this test. 

Interesting stuff, don't you think?

Again, all of the graphs are made by me with data from the National Assessment of Education Progress Visual Arts test. This data (and SO much more) can be found at

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