Monday, July 8, 2013

home from vacation.

I went to Galveston last week but now I'm home and ready to do some serious curriculum planning.

I've tried several times to lay out my curriculum for this coming year but I keep changing my mind halfway through. I'm going to blame some of it on Curriculum Design being one of the worst classes I've had but most of it on my indecisive nature.

This is what I have so far. It may stick. It may not.

First Semester

Unit 1: Line
Weeks 1-4

Unit 2: Shape
Weeks 5-8

Unit 3: Color
Weeks 9-12

Unit 4: Texture
Weeks 13-16

Last week before Christmas break: makeup projects, fun projects, games, etc.

Second Semester

Unit 5: Value
Weeks 1-3

Unit 6: Form
Weeks 4-6

Unit 7: Space
Weeks 7-9

And then the last nine weeks won't be unified as a particular unit; it will be different projects for the different grades that build upon and synthesize the elements of art.

Like I say, I change my mind a lot. But I'm happier with this than anything else I've come up with. Thoughts?