Thursday, August 8, 2013

Being a new teacher is scary, you guys.

Seriously. I'm a pretty confident person normally but I feel so lost and out of my element. I've been in so much professional development these past few weeks that it feels like my head might explode. I thought I was prepared but as it gets closer and closer, I'm terrified. Terrified in the best possible way of course, but still. When it comes down to it and the first class of kids walks into my room, I'm sure I'll be fine and do exactly what I'm supposed to do, in the meantime, I guess I'll keep planning until I can't plan anymore. And asking questions. I've asked so many questions. People are probably getting tired of them by now. But everyone has been so nice. So far, I love everyone I work with. We have a FANTASTIC arts staff at my school. I'm so looking forward to working with them. I still need to ask someone to help me with my Promethean board though. And my printer. And bus duty. So yeah, lots of questions still, but I'm doing my best.